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Automatic Rain Sensing Wiper using Arduino

5,400.00 3,900.00


Automatic Rain Sensing Wiper using Arduino

5,400.00 3,900.00

This is an excellent Engineering project which makes use of Rain drops sensor and Arduino. The objective is to design an intelligent car/vehicle wiper system which can sense rain and start itself. The wiper adjusts speed itself based on the intensity of rainfall. The project is designed using Arduino, Rain drops sensor, Servo motor and a 16×2 LCD Module.

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To design an intelligent car wiper system using Arduino, Rain Sensor Module, Servo Motor and 16×2 LCD Module. The proposed car wiper system is automatic and intelligent. Automatic in the sense that the system detects rainfall and starts itself. Intelligent in the sense that the system calculates the intensity of rainfall and adjusts the speed of wiper motor accordingly – higher speed of rotation for higher rain fall and vice versa.

In the current scenario, only luxury vehicles employ intelligent rain sensing windshield wiper systems. Our system is modeled to demonstrate how useful is an automatic wiper system that adjusts speed itself based on rainfall intensity. Such a system improve the safety of a ride. There are many instances of accidents occurring during heavy rainfall due to lack of proper vision. In many cases, these accidents were due to manual errors (for example: not increasing speed of wiper) from the driver. An automatic, intelligent system like ours remove any manual errors. Our system adjusts wiper speed according to intensity of rainfall and hence improve the safety.


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